Grateful to have my family at home – day 15

Hi friends,

How was your day today? I had a good day.

These days everybody is at home waiting for the pandemic to end and for life to return to its normal.

Being at home with each other for such long durations hasn’t happened in a very long time. So now, when everybody is at home, they are getting used to the life patterns of each other.

The husband gets to know how the wife spends her time, the wife gets to know how much busy the husband can get, the kids get to be with their parents and so on.

There are also many jokes (good as long as they make us laugh and not hurt us) circulating about how lots of fights are happening at the homes, now that people have to spend more time with each other.

Life had gotten so busy for all of us that we forgot to just be with each other. We went after the latest movies, discovering new restaurants, weekend parties with friends and so on.

We hardly had time to be at home with family. We forgot to enjoy our time with each other. We forgot to have meaningful conversations with each other. We forgot to play games with our kids at home.

So today,

I am grateful to have my husband working from home. We get to spend some more time with each other.

I am grateful that the baby gets to see his father a lot more.

I am grateful that we are healthy and fine.

I am grateful to each one of you for staying at home and helping one another stay safe.

I am grateful to the doctors, health workers and others who are constantly working to help the affected people recover.

I also take this moment to pray for the well-being of the whole world.



P.s. Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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