Grateful to have a secure home – day 20

Hi friends,

Hope you all are doing good today.

These days the news is full of information about the pandemic, the impending recession and the unemployment as a result.

We have been hearing about many people losing their jobs as some companies aren’t able to survive the crisis.

So what is the best thing that we can do?


Let us pray for things to get better. If we get scared about the current situation, we will end up losing all our confidence and we will start living each day in fear.


If you are employed, value your job and give it your best. If recession hits, things will be a bit difficult but they will get better eventually. Train yourself (by joining different courses) and hone your skills further.

If unemployed, try to find another job that matches your skillset and experience. Please don’t think that it will be very difficult to find a new job (in the current situation). Look with a positive mindset and you will surely find it. Meanwhile, learn something new to better your already existing skills.


Try to build enough emergency funds to survive any untoward situation. If you have the funds, you will have the confidence to look for new opportunities in the face of unemployment.

I, being unemployed, spend my time learning new things (related to my profession) that will help me perform my best, when I get into a job.

So today,

I am grateful for my husband’s job that provides us with a secure and comfortable living.

I am grateful that we are learning new things to hone our skills so that we are able to perform better at our jobs.

So the next time, when you hear somebody losing his job or general news about unemployment, please give thanks for the job that you already have and also pray for the other person to get another job soon.



P.s. image credit Pexels

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