Grateful to be able to enjoy being at home all day – day 21

Hi friends,

How are you all doing today? I am doing good.

I haven’t gone out of my house for some time now. But I don’t seem to miss it much. The reason is that I enjoy being at home.

Today, while talking to one of my aunts, she told me that her daughter (who was home due to the lockdown) asked her if she didn’t get bored being at home all day long.

So once the conversation ended, I realized that it had been a couple of months since I went out but I hadn’t felt bored.

In fact there was so much to do. I was looking after my baby, seeing him grow, learning new things from him, taking care of myself, learning new things related to my profession, reading and so on.

Being bored has never been an option for me (i.e. even before the lockdown). Yes, I do like to go out every now and then but if it is not possible then I have other things to do.

I know many people, today, are finding it very difficult to be home bound as they have been running around pursuing their jobs or studies, going out with friends and families, partying and so on. There are many who feel that doing all that is the only way to lead their lives and all other things tend to be “boring”.

But being at home has it’s own benefits. You get a lot of time on self care and personal development. You get to spend quality time with family. You feel rested and energised for a full day of work, the next day.

I have also heard many people say that being at home, for so many days, is very difficult for the kids as they have nobody to play with and so on. But, if we actually observe the kids, we can see that they have adapted to the situation quite easily as compared to the elders.

They seem to be coming up with new games every day. They are being creative and they are happy that they get to spend more time with both their parents.

So today,

I am grateful to be at home with my family.

I am grateful to be able to enjoy my time at home, doing things that make me grow into a better person.

I am grateful that I don’t regret being at home and I am always on the lookout for something interesting to do.



P.s. Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

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