21 days of gratitude – day 22

Hi friends,

Hope you all are doing good today. I am doing good as usual.

Yesterday, I completed 21 days of writing gratitude on my blog. It was something that I had wanted to do but didn’t want to announce beforehand and put pressure on myself.

The list of 21 days of gratitude posts is as follows:

  1. The magical moment
  2. A great reading day
  3. The food that we eat
  4. The wonderful family-time
  5. The attitude of gratitude
  6. The unconditional love
  7. The abundance of money
  8. The human connection
  9. The internet connection
  10. Light comedy movies and shows
  11. To have organised my shelves
  12. To have a family of 200 members
  13. To be able to stay positive
  14. To have a loving sister
  15. To have my family at home
  16. The pause in the run for the future
  17. Good neighbors
  18. To my family for their help
  19. To be able to learn from online content
  20. To have a secure home
  21. To be able to enjoy being at home all day

Being grateful for something everyday was not that difficult but to write about it, my thoughts and feelings around it was not easy. Plus, the commitment to write everyday was new for me.

But I could do it. The last time I wrote continuously was back in 2018 for 10 days of Navratri. It feels really good to be able to write everyday. It makes writing come easily to me.

From tomorrow, I will continue my gratitude practice in my diary.

I know I have been able to create three new habits with this challenge.

  1. Practice gratitude daily
  2. Write everyday, and,
  3. Be consistent in whatever I choose to do.

Thank you for reading and supporting my posts. It means a lot to me.



P.s. Photo by Giftpundits.com from Pexels

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