Form a new habit in minimum 21 days – day 23

Hi friends,

Hope you all are doing good. I am doing good as usual.

I have heard people say that it takes atleast 21 days to form a new habit. I have also read that this 21 days time frame is neither too long nor too short to start getting used to doing something new to which I completely agree.

The period of 21 days may not necessarily be enough to form a new habit though, i.e., we may have to continue putting in our efforts to pursue the habit even after 21 days are over.

I believe that for a habit to become a part of our nature, it may take more time and more commitment on our part. It depends on how willing we are to bring about a change to our lifestyles and form new habits.

So, instead of looking at 21 days period, we should take one day at a time and build from there.

This year I have decided to start forming small new habits that are necessary for a healthy living. I am not going to put any pressure on myself but will take one day at a time and form new habits.

Two habits that I recently formed are:

To practice gratitude everyday

Being grateful was the first habit that I had wanted to create. So, I wrote what I was grateful for, for a period of 21 days on my blog here. Now I will continue the same in my journal. It helps to look for positive things throughout the day.

To write everyday

Writing everyday was another habit that I had been trying to build. Now that I have been writing for almost 23 days in a row, I have noticed that I am able to express myself better. So I have decided to continue writing something atleast everyday, if not on my blog then atleast in my diary.

You can read about the first 21 days challenge summary here.

Now, I have decided to take up 2 new habits from tomorrow onwards as a 21 days challenge. They are:

Sleeping early at night

I have been in this cycle of sleeping very late at night and hence not being able to wake up early. I have decided to change that. So, from tomorrow I am going to sleep latest by 10.30 p.m..

Reading books

You all know that I enjoy reading books. But from tomorrow, I have decided to dedicate some time to reading everyday. Neither will I skip reading any day nor will I spend the whole day just reading (unless I have to).

I will definitely share my progress about them with you all.

What is the idea of doing the 21 days challenge and writing about it here?

  1. I will get to keep a track of my progress online.
  2. I will be able to form some habits that I had been wanting to form for some time now.
  3. Like me, there may be others who feel overwhelmed about the whole idea of changing their lifestyles. I want to motivate them to start with something simple and to keep building on that.
  4. If we decide to form a new habit every 21 days then by the end of the year 2020 we will have formed atleast 10 new habits and the idea of changing ourselves won’t scare us anymore.

This is a small initiative on my part to motivate you all to live a better life. Do feel free to take up any of the challenges with me and let me know how it has helped you.



P.s. image credit Pixabay

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