A new year has just started. It has come with loads of hopes, dreams and wishes. I have many dreams and ideas going on in my head for this year… what about you??? 
Wishing you all a very wonderful 2017 friends!!!!


Never ignore the advice given by elders…


Rava ladduūüėä

Two days back, my husband casually asked me how to make rava laddu (Indian sweet). ¬†I told him that ¬†I didn’t know how to make it. Then the next day he¬†told his mom that I have asked her to make rava laddu. I was laughing thinking about the way he was indirectly asking me to make the laddu.¬†So the day after that I thought of making the laddu and¬†giving him a surprise in the evening. I called up mom and asked her the recipe. She told me how to make it and one of the steps she said was to powder¬†the sugar as that will mix easily with the rest of the mixture. She specifically said that don’t use the coarse sugar as it will take some time to melt and mix. So once I had the recipe, I started making the laddu.¬†When I reached the sugar stage, I noticed that the grinder¬†was in washing. I felt lazy to wash it and decided to mix the sugar as it is. As expected, the sugar didn’t melt easily. I kept on mixing it up. It took a lot of time to get the sugar melted and mix well with the mixture. All this while, I kept remembering mom’s words. Once it was finally done, I tasted a bit before making small balls out of it and¬†found that the sugar was less. I was going to leave it as it is but then¬†decided to add more powdered sugar. I cleaned up the grinder, powdered some sugar and added it to the mixture. In the end, however, the laddu turned out to be really tasty. My husband got a big surprise in the evening and he simply loved it.

You must be thinking why I am talking about how I made the¬†rava laddu and that too so much in detail without even giving the recipe here :). Well it is not about the laddu that I want to talk about here. It’s about the lesson I learnt while making the laddu – “Never ignore the advice given by elders”. It’s about the experience of my mom. She knew exactly how to do it. She also knew very well the shortcut that I would take and so she warned me about the consequences before itself. And like every person who doesn’t pay attention to the advice of the elders, I also didn’t pay attention to what she said, as a result, experienced the consequences and in the end learnt that she was right.

It ¬†happens in our lives so many times¬†that for all the doubts and confusions we have, our elders (parents, grandparents…) will already have solutions. They will know exactly what we are talking about and they will come up with the right solutions. But it also happens that we ¬†don’t take these solutions seriously thinking what do the elders know about the present times and what do they know about our problems. ¬†In the end, however, ¬†we do realize, how by listening to their advice, we could have avoided a bad experience in our own lives. They give us these advice¬†as they don’t want us to face the difficulties which they themselves faced in similar situations.

This is a small learning experience for me about how not to ignore the advice given by our elders. But there are so many other experiences, in my life and I am sure in the life of everyone, that gives us the same moral in the end.



Comfortable living

Hello everyone!!!

Long summer days are here to stay for few months in this part of the world. I have experienced hot summers in India as well but here the main difference is that wherever you go, you find Air Conditioners. Its only when you are coming out of your house or walking on the road that you feel the heat. Otherwise you are in the comfort of ACs everywhere.¬†Once a person gets used to having such a comfortable life, he or she finds it difficult to go back to old ways. In my pre-AC days ¬†I used to always feel why some people are so dependent on AC and why don’t they enjoy the natural weather during the short duration of their visit to their home town. ¬†It’s not like they are born in the midst of all these comforts, then why?

Now I do understand their position. ¬†Once we start using things which make our life and lifestyle easy and comfortable, going back to old methods is tough as now we know how comfortable life can be. It is only when we have experienced good things in life that we know how better life can get. No,¬†I am not saying that I cannot live without AC anymore, I have just taken AC as an example. There are so many other things like mineral water, latest gadgets and kitchen equipments etc. One such other thing is “Facebook” or “Whatsapp” which has made communication so convenient. Communication and networking has increased with their use but meeting each other in person has reduced.

If we look around us, we find so many things that have come into our life and made our life more comfortable. They have improved our standard of living as well.  We should be thankful for all the wonderful creations that have made our living, a better experience. I am really thankful to be able to enjoy all these creations.

But once in a while, we should take the time also to appreciate our much simpler days when these creations did not exist but still we lived a good life, connected more with people around us and appreciated the natural environment and neighbourhood available to us.

I am enjoying all the beautiful and convenient creations coming up these days but I also want to be able enjoy the simpler days when I go back home… The natural weather conditions – be it hot or cold or a rainy day, the neighbourhood where I grew up, the children whose noise refuse to end till the time they go to sleep, the many family conversations, the elaborate food preparations made… The list is endless.


Hello everyone!!!

Its been a very long time since I last posted.  Today when I logged into my blog, I was going through all the posts made by people I follow. So many good things to read. I am sure I am going to spend my whole day today reading it all up.

After I wrote my last post, I had some ideas about expanding my blog posts from just writing about acts of goodness to other areas I wish to write about. With this in mind, I tried to make changes in my existing blog but due to my lack of knowledge and impatience I ended up creating a new blog, transferring all the contents to this blog and cancelling the old blog. I am not sure whether this blog is properly visible to people or not because I made some mistake in selecting options while creating this blog as well.

All these confusions were another reason why I was staying away from blogging. Yesterday, while chatting with a friend of mine, she asked me how my blogging was going on. After the conversation was over, I realised I was really missing writing here. So today I decided to give it a try again. I will start posting on this blog again, but if it’s not working out I will create a new blog because there are so many things I want to write about.

So this blog will have a new and expanded format. I want to continue writing about the small acts of goodness done by people around me. I also want to write about other things that influence my life and my thought process…