Grateful to be able to learn from online content- day 19

Hi friends, How are you all doing today? As you all know, I enjoy learning. I have been trying to learn something new everyday. There is so much content out there on all the public platforms - be it blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, ebooks and so on. Initially, when I started reading, hearing and watching … Continue reading Grateful to be able to learn from online content- day 19


A very happy friendships day to all my friends.... Today being a day of friends, I want to talk about two of my very special friends who went out of their way to help me and showed me what good friendships are... Few years back, while studying for my course I had to take some … Continue reading Friends…

Reading about APJ Abdul Kalam….

Since last few days, I have been reading about this great person - his life experiences, his teachings, his thoughts, his greatness….. the list just goes on… When I was reading an article written by Srijan Pal Singh about his last day with Mr. Kalam, I read one incident which really really touched my heart. … Continue reading Reading about APJ Abdul Kalam….

Innocent sharing and serving

Yet another act of serving and sharing…. That too by a 2 year old. As I said in my previous post, kids teach us many things through their simple actions. I couldn’t stop myself from reblogging this post gargi…. What to do…. An act of goodness can’t go unnoticed…..

Live your dreams

As my sister and I stay in different cities, we do not meet often but we do share everyday stuff on call almost daily.  The much discussed topic would always be my nephew and his everyday fun filled activities.  Last week she informed me about an interesting act of my nephew, something about food sharing and serving.

Here is what exactly happened.

My sister has taught my nephew to always share food and toys with his friends while eating and playing.  She has told him that he should always share his food with his friends if while eating his food, his friends are around him and also share his toys while playing with friends.  He was also made understand that even if any friend does not share his food or toy with him, he should continue sharing his stuff with that particular friend along with others.  This knowledge has gone…

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an act of goodness found in a play area of kids

Few days back after having a walk in the park, I was sitting on the bench and looking at the play area of kids. There was one merry-go-round thing which every kid liked. It was a small thing so the kids themselves were taking turns to turn it around. I noticed that these kids were … Continue reading an act of goodness found in a play area of kids