The Gratitude Jar

Hi friends, How are you all doing? Hope you are learning something new every day. I know I keep repeating this in every post, but I feel it is the most important thing in a person's life. You learn you grow, and then you learn a bit more... and the cycle continues. A few months … Continue reading The Gratitude Jar


Thank and grow rich

Hi friends, Hope the week is going good for you all.  Today, I want to review a wonderful book I read recently.  It is "Thank & Grow Rich" by Pam Grout. Image taken from amazon In December last year while browsing through the books in a bookshop my eyes fell on this book. I had … Continue reading Thank and grow rich

New series – thoughts for the week

Hi friends, Recently, I started a new series called "thought for the week".  I am a huge fan of these powerful one-liners for the lessons they carry.  I always find them relevant to one or the other situation or experience of my life and so I always feel connected to them. They give me a … Continue reading New series – thoughts for the week