Life’s short…

Hi friends, I came across this wonderful image (do click on this link to zoom and read from the actual image) created by Vishal Khandelwal of Safal Niveshak. It sums up everything that we should be doing in our short span of life to lead a very happy and a fulfilling life. Every point written … Continue reading Life’s short…

Two powerful tools that will change your life forever

"When I awaken in the morning, the first thing I do before I even open my eyes is to thank my bed for a good night's sleep. I am grateful for the warmth and comfort it has given me. From that beginning, it is easy to think of many, many more things that I am … Continue reading Two powerful tools that will change your life forever

The Alchemist – a book that made me believe in my dreams

Hi friends, Hope you all are doing good as always. How is the year 2019 treating you? A few years back, one fine day I decided to take up reading once again. It had been a long time since I had last read a novel or a magazine. My life experiences had changed, I had … Continue reading The Alchemist – a book that made me believe in my dreams

The Gratitude Jar

Hi friends, How are you all doing? Hope you are learning something new every day. I know I keep repeating this in every post, but I feel it is the most important thing in a person's life. You learn you grow, and then you learn a bit more... and the cycle continues. A few months … Continue reading The Gratitude Jar

Thank and grow rich

Hi friends, Hope the week is going good for you all.  Today, I want to review a wonderful book I read recently.  It is "Thank & Grow Rich" by Pam Grout. Image taken from amazon In December last year while browsing through the books in a bookshop my eyes fell on this book. I had … Continue reading Thank and grow rich

New series – thoughts for the week

Hi friends, Recently, I started a new series called "thought for the week".  I am a huge fan of these powerful one-liners for the lessons they carry.  I always find them relevant to one or the other situation or experience of my life and so I always feel connected to them. They give me a … Continue reading New series – thoughts for the week

Life positive…

There was a time when I had more of negative thoughts than positive ones. I used to believe that nothing good could happen to me. I somehow attracted people with negative thoughts into my life and this took me further down. It is said, though, that however low you go, you can always bounce back … Continue reading Life positive…