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There was a time when I had more of negative thoughts than positive ones. I used to believe that nothing good could happen to me. I somehow attracted people with negative thoughts into my life and this took me further down.

It is said, though, that however low you go, you can always bounce back with just one single positive thought. I was at such a low point in my life that I felt nothing negative could further happen to me. It was like a tipping point for me. I was fed up being a negative person and at that point,  I felt the need to bring a change into my thought process. I slowly started looking for positive things around me. It seemed like God was guiding me from darkness towards light.  I started attracting positive friends, magazines, books, blogs, circumstances and events into my life.

One such book that inspired me positively was a magazine called LIFE POSITIVE.

I, accidentally, came across this magazine on the internet. I instantly loved the title of the magazine. I felt as if this magazine was what I needed then. I started reading the magazine from the website. I loved it instantly and started buying the magazine each month to have them physically with me.

Each magazine is full of wisdom and positive learning into Life, health, God etc… They are one of the  magazines who have a huge archive of immense knowledge available freely on the internet  for people to read.  The moment the magazine is issued for the month, it is put up for free reading on the website.

The magazine has been a guiding light for me.  The people at the magazine are truly doing a wonderful job there. They have also started a magazine for kids to teach them about life and positivity.  Just imagine what kind of powerful knowledge is being imparted to the young kids for their future. I want to thank them for their immense contribution to bring positivity and love into the world.

You can find the magazine in the following link:



P.S. The purpose of this post is not to promote any magazine but to talk about people who in one way or another inspired me.


The world of blogs…

attic24 mosaic

Lucy’s Attic24

It was a couple of years back that I discovered the world of blogs. Before that, I had always heard about it but never took the time or the interest to read one. Then one day I discovered Lucy’s Attic24 and fell in love with the world of blogging.

Lucy’s blog talks about crochet ( a craft of making fabric using threads) and life in general in the city of Yorkshire Dales in England. I loved the simplicity, beauty and colours of her blog. For the first time I realised that a simple life can also be a beautiful one. 🙂 I used to wait for her writings and I started living the simple life with her. I started noticing simple things around me as well.

Another thing I love in her blog is crochet. I had learned the basics of crochet during my school days from my aunt. Then I lost touch with it. But with Lucy’s blog I rediscovered the art of crocheting. The way she created magic using crochet inspired me to take up the crochet hook again.

Through her blog I discovered colours…. so vibrant so colourful…😃 Every time I read her blog, I feel happy, positive and so full of life.

Thanks a lot Lucy for making me happy and positive!!!  I wanted to write about her blog here as it has helped me look at life in a very positive way. Maybe, just like me someday her blog will bring happiness and positivity in the life of another person…:)

You can check out her blog in the following link:

Have a beautiful day people!!!

P.S. The purpose of this post is not to promote any blog but to talk about people who in one way or another inspired me.