Grateful to have a family of 200 members – day 12

Hi friends, Hope you all had a great day today! So recently, I crossed 200 followers on my blog and I received the following notification from WordPress. I cannot tell you how happy I feel when I see that people do relate to my words and thoughts.For someone, who had been very low on confidence … Continue reading Grateful to have a family of 200 members – day 12

International Women’s Day

Yesterday, the 8th of March was celebrated as International Women's Day. Everybody wished the women all over the world for the same and they also wished a better world for the women.As I lay in my bed reading the Women's Day posts, I was so filled with gratitude and an eagerness to share some wonderful … Continue reading International Women’s Day

Naughty or nice – what do you choose?

Dear friends, How are you all doing?? I know you all are having the best time of the year celebrating Christmas with family and friends. Merry Christmas to you all! I am not a Christian but I love Christmas and everything that it represents. I love the whole festive feeling. How do I know about … Continue reading Naughty or nice – what do you choose?

Choose Kindness ♡ — Lifes Simple Things

Hello wonderful people! As we move closer and closer to Christmas, I realized there are so many choices to be made this time of year. How much to spend on gifts, what christmas party will I attend, where should I put my decorations, what meal should I prepare, when should I bake my perfect Christmas […] … Continue reading Choose Kindness ♡ — Lifes Simple Things