The idea of unlearning

Hi friends, Hope you all have been doing good. The month of February is filled with love and positivity. I hope you are enjoying this month and loving yourselves. This year, I have decided to continue my journey in learning and growth. There are some areas that I intend to focus on, in this year. … Continue reading The idea of unlearning

NS 3 – A cup of tea

Dear friends, How are you all doing? Hope you all are reading and enjoying this series. Experiences like these happen in everybody's lives at one point or another. So if you read any similar experience do let me know in the comments about the same. Today I am sharing an act of goodness experienced by … Continue reading NS 3 – A cup of tea

I got a unique gift…

Hi friends, How are you all doing? I am enjoying a hot summer season here. Recently, I have been reading different bloggers and enjoying their writings a lot. I hope you are also reading a bit (of anything that interests you) every single day. Today, I have decided to write about a unique birthday gift … Continue reading I got a unique gift…


Hi friends, A very happy new year to you all!!  May this new year bring us closer to our goals! I am starting my new year here on my blog with my first Law of Attraction (LOA) story. I attracted a diary very similar to Moleskine diary.  I am putting the picture of the diary … Continue reading MY DIARY – I ATTRACTED IT!!