Hi friends,

A very happy new year to you all!!  May this new year bring us closer to our goals!

I am starting my new year here on my blog with my first Law of Attraction (LOA) story. I attracted a diary very similar to Moleskine diary.  I am putting the picture of the diary I attracted here below :


               my diary

I know this looks like a small manifestation but the way it happened blew my mind.

I love diaries. I like the idea of writing my thoughts and ideas in them. As a kid, I used to get old diaries from my parents and  write my thoughts etc. in them. I never bought a diary in my life because I felt diaries are for people who have plans and I never had one.

In the last one year, every time I visited a bookshop or a stationary shop I would come across a “Moleskine diary” and would pick it up, touch it, open it and then I would place it back because I didn’t know how I was going to use it. But I remember I loved the way the diary felt.

Around the end of 2017, we were planning our holidays for the year. Before leaving, my husband decided to clear his office space for the new year. So one evening he brought home few things from office like diaries, pens, folders etc… which the clients gave. He was sorting out the diaries. They were all those dated diaries. Suddenly one black diary caught my attention.  I took the diary from him and was shocked. It was the above diary very similar to the Moleskine diary I always wanted. This was very unusual for an office diary and I knew I had attracted it. I told him I wanted the diary and took it from him. I didn’t know then what I was going to do with the diary but I had to have it.

I have been grateful for the diary ever since. This was an unintentional manifestation and it confirmed the rules of LOA to me.

I have been a follower of LOA for some time now. I have intentionally and unintentionally manifested few things or events in my life. But I never really gave them much thought. I actually started noticing them, being grateful for them and writing them down since last few months and it has been a wonderful experience.

Now that I have the diary, I also have a plan. I hope to be ready with it soon and share it here on my blog.


Waiting to fill in the pages…




“Everything ok?” he asked

We all live a very busy life. We are busy with our career, family, friends, businesses or we are stressed about our finances, health etc… Because of this, most of the time we tend to ignore the people we meet in our daily lives like a taxi guy or a newspaper guy or even some old friends or colleagues or say even a person sitting next to us in a bus or a train and the list is endless. We may take their services, or we may have spent time with them in past or we may make a whole journey together but still we may never have a conversation with them. It’s not because we don’t want to have a casual conversation with them, it’s just that our minds are pre-occupied with many thoughts, about our lives. So every now and then, when somebody asks us a simple question like ‘how are you doing?’ we feel good.

One such incident happened with us some time back. We had an appointment with our doctor one evening. So we got down our building and walked down the street to get a taxi. Soon we found one and got into it. We told the driver the name of the hospital and started putting our seat belts. Just as the driver started the car, he asked “Everything ok Sir?” We both looked at each other and told him everything was ok.  His question and concern floored us completely. We were complete strangers to him but still he didn’t forget his compassion. We both were touched by this simple question asked by him.

Many a times we go about living our lives in such a mechanical way that we don’t see the pain or trouble the other person is going through in his life. We meet so many people in a day but we hardly have the time to ask them how they are doing or how things are going on for them. We may ask our family or friends but not some random person we come across.

This one simple question snapped us out of our mechanical ways of doing things and made us more human. He could have said a routine hello and taken us to the hospital but he went one step ahead when he heard that we were going to the hospital. There was no selfish motive behind this because he hardly had any benefit by asking us the question.

I felt good hearing the concern because it once again proved that humanity exists. He asked us this question out of choice not as a part of his job. This may be a small gesture but it is a powerful lesson because one such instance is enough to make somebody a better person. So for me it is an act of goodness on the part of the taxi guy. This is one small example I bring to your notice so that the next time something similar happens to you, you notice it, feel good about it and become a bit more compassionate.

Guru Purnima


Dear Friends,

Today is Guru Purnima. A day to thank all our Gurus, for all the knowledge and support they gave us at every stage of our lives,  who came into our lives in the form of our parents, teachers, spiritual gurus, or guides.

I take this opportunity to thank all my Gurus for guiding me in my journey of life. Thank you very much for making me the person I am today.

I want to thank my Guru, Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji, who came into my life and showed me the way to reach God. I thank Babaji, without whom, I wouldn’t have survived and   learnt to handle, the rules of life. Thank you very much Babaji.

I also want to take this opportunity to start a special series of articles on my spiritual journey. I want to write about my spiritual journey here because it feels good to go back and read how it all started and where I am today.

Lots of love,


Thirsty dog

Hello friends,

It is summer time in this part of the world. Hot bright sun makes our day longer than usual. It is also a month of Ramadan here and so for those fasting, these are real long summer days.

Few days back I attended a  wedding of one of my husband’s cousins. It was a destination wedding – a first time experience for me. The functions were spread over a period of two days. The wedding was at a resort near a beach. We were very excited about the whole wedding idea.

As soon as we reached there, we realised that it was not going to be easy because it was really hot and with the rains expected to arrive any moment, it was all the more humid. Soon the functions started. We were in a trance like situation – waking up, having breakfast, getting dressed for the function, meeting people, dancing, food again… this circle just went on for two days. Some functions were in an  auditorium while most of them were outdoors.

On the day of the wedding, the venue was outside in the open. The sun was really strong. We couldn’t just bear the heat. We were very happy for the young couple getting married but we couldn’t ignore the heat. Everybody was going around looking for a shade and some cold water.

Just like everybody looking for water, a dog was also looking around searching for a shade and some water. This dog belonged to the cousin, who was getting married. The otherwise excited dog was restlessly looking for water.  But this is something that nobody noticed.  We were all so busy managing ourselves, talking about the heat and looking at the wedding that we just didn’t notice  the dog.

After sometime, we noticed one elderly lady taking water in her hand from a bottle and placing it at the mouth of the dog who lapped up the water each time she gave. It was a sight worth seeing. I was busy talking to somebody when I noticed the lady giving the water to the dog with her hand, splashing water on the head and body of the dog to cool it down and talking lovingly to the dog.

I was so touched seeing this gesture that I definitely wanted to write about it here. I can still not forget the way she gave water and the dog lapped it up. It is an act of goodness on the part of that lady, who forgetting her own difficulties, took care of the dog.  To understand and talk about our own problems is one thing, but to understand what the other is going through and that too, somebody who cannot talk is a whole another story. Incidents like these make me more human and teach me to care for others.

In a world, where everybody is concerned about the self, such good acts make us care for and do something good for someone.

Book Review – Fire your imagination by Gargi Akolkar

Hello friends,

It has been a long time since I last posted anything here. I have a few ideas, going on in my head, on which I am working and hope to be able to figure them out soon.  I also hope to be able to write more frequently in the coming months.

My very good friend, Gargi published her debut book “FIRE YOUR IMAGINATION with Power & Passion” on the 14th February this year. Being a friend of hers, I got a free copy to read. (Love having such friends!!! ;))

The book has been written wonderfully. The language is simple and clear. This book explains the topics in a concise manner and helps to implement the same into our daily lives. The real life experiences, mentioned in the book, help in understanding the concepts very clearly and makes them very easy to implement. She has also given the ways in which the important areas of our lives, like health, money, career, relationships etc…, can be improved. My most favourite chapter is on GRATITUDE. This is something I had been wanting to do regularly since a long time and so when I came across this chapter in her book, I immediately started following the steps, given by her, to have a life full of gratitude and love.

There are many books available in the market regarding the Law of Attraction (LOA), visualisation, manifestation, gratitude etc… and all of them are really wonderful. But if you want to pick up just one book to make a beginning into improving your life, you can start with this book.  It covers all the topics relating to LOA starting with what is LOA, the science behind the same, the tools for implementing LOA into our lives, the ways in which they can be implemented, the real life examples etc…  in a logical sequence.

I have already read the book a couple of times and I really loved it. I was already expecting the book to be good as I know Gargi to be a person who puts her soul into anything she does. She has a wonderful knack of understanding a topic, implementing the same in her life and coming up with real life experiences. I have been talking to her throughout her writing phase and I  know that she wanted to write a concise book on LOA, running into hundred odd pages, which was like a ready reference for anybody who wants to read, reread and implement LOA, visualisation, gratitude etc… in their life.

The link to buy the book is :

Enjoy Reading!!!


P.s. This is neither a paid review nor do I earn a commission when you buy the book.




Hi friends,

 Wishing you all a very happy Valentine’s Day!!!

The word love and a red heart always makes me feel the feelings of love. They have symbolised the feeling so well that I feel love, the moment I see these symbols. As the Valentine’s Day is here, I find beautiful red hearts and decorations all around. They make me feel so positive and full of love. I know there is a lot of depth in the feeling of love than these symbols, decorations and special day celebration but  if these things make us feel the feelings of love and positivity, then what is the harm in believing in them??

Recently I read three wonderful romance novels. They are from a series of nine books. They are all typical happy ending romantic stories. The stories are simple and full of love and warmth. Each book left me with a feeling of love as the story ended. People sometimes say that such romantic novels are just to pass time as they don’t have any story or that they are always too good to be true. But I love the fact that they always end on a positive note as they leave me with a good feeling in the end.

I came across these three books from Amazon. As I started reading them, I realised that each book had a different life situation in which the story began. Though each female lead in the book was placed in a different life situation, still they all found love. The author Marie Force has shown love through different stories rather wonderfully.

The first book is about a normal girl called Maddie who along with her baby is struggling to make ends meet. She has a bad name in the town just because she refused a particular guy and she has been living with that name ever since. She accidentally meets Mac, who loves her right from the beginning even after knowing her reputation and  eventually restores her reputation.

The second book is about Janey, who was in a committed relationship for 11 years just to discover the guy cheating on her. Her long time friend Joe, who had always loved her, brings her out from her state of shock and encourages her to restart her life once again.

The third book is about old lovers – Sydney and Luke coming together after she looses her husband and kids in an accident. Luke had always loved her and his heart breaks to see her all messed up with pain and suffering. But from the moment she meets him and talks to him, her heart starts healing from the great tragedy and makes her want to live her life again without feeling guilty about it.

I love books like these as they leave a feeling of hope and love in me and the best part about reading different stories like these is,  we know that love can be found anywhere and at any moment in our lives. And when love actually enters our life, it changes us completely and makes us a better person. Love, as they say, is the best feeling a person can ever have, be it love for your parents, partner, kids or friends. Love is not limited to a man and a woman relationship. Love is a feeling which holds families together, brings beautiful babies into the world and nurtures them to be wonderful human beings, gives strength to fight the toughest circumstances of life and arise from it, build friendships that last a life time etc…

If romantic books can make me feel wonderful, then I am definitely going to read more of these books…


These are the three books that I read and loved.



p.s. All images are taken from google images.  

Tipping to help…


 Hello friends,

Hope all of you are doing really good. After a long time, I am back with another act of goodness, which I experienced last week.

These days the weather is very good in this part of the world. The winter is mild and enjoyable. If the weather is this good, we usually prefer walking than hiring a taxi.

On Friday, as usual we decided to walk to the super-market. But as we stepped out of our building, we realised, that the weather had turned extremely cold and windy. So not risking our health, we decided to take a taxi. The whole town seemed to be affected by the weather that day. The road was full of traffic. It took us many minutes to cross each signal. We were enjoying the comfort of a warm car and beautiful songs, which were being played on the radio.

At a particular signal, while waiting for the signal to turn green we saw a guy cleaning the road sides and footpath. He was wearing a uniform which meant he was on duty. In that cold weather, watching him clean up the road left us shivering. Just then, just before the signal turned green, our taxi driver gave the guy some money for the work done by him. We were really  surprised by this act of our driver.

Instantly, my husband said  – He had such a noble thought of giving, that itself is a very good thing.

I was really blown away by the generosity of our driver. The money may be small, but the intention was good. And if the intention is good, the money will be useful too. The drivers in this part of the world don’t make much money. They, infact, struggle to reach their target sales each month. But still, this driver had the intention to help out which is an act of goodness.

I am happy to be able to learn something wonderful that day. The intention of giving itself, makes one, a great person at heart. I thank the driver for teaching us something wonderful that cold February evening.

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Life positive…


There was a time when I had more of negative thoughts than positive ones. I used to believe that nothing good could happen to me. I somehow attracted people with negative thoughts into my life and this took me further down.

It is said, though, that however low you go, you can always bounce back with just one single positive thought. I was at such a low point in my life that I felt nothing negative could further happen to me. It was like a tipping point for me. I was fed up being a negative person and at that point,  I felt the need to bring a change into my thought process. I slowly started looking for positive things around me. It seemed like God was guiding me from darkness towards light.  I started attracting positive friends, magazines, books, blogs, circumstances and events into my life.

One such book that inspired me positively was a magazine called LIFE POSITIVE.

I, accidentally, came across this magazine on the internet. I instantly loved the title of the magazine. I felt as if this magazine was what I needed then. I started reading the magazine from the website. I loved it instantly and started buying the magazine each month to have them physically with me.

Each magazine is full of wisdom and positive learning into Life, health, God etc… They are one of the  magazines who have a huge archive of immense knowledge available freely on the internet  for people to read.  The moment the magazine is issued for the month, it is put up for free reading on the website.

The magazine has been a guiding light for me.  The people at the magazine are truly doing a wonderful job there. They have also started a magazine for kids to teach them about life and positivity.  Just imagine what kind of powerful knowledge is being imparted to the young kids for their future. I want to thank them for their immense contribution to bring positivity and love into the world.

You can find the magazine in the following link:



P.S. The purpose of this post is not to promote any magazine but to talk about people who in one way or another inspired me.